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      1. Jamie Bergstein

        Jamie Bergstein

        M.Ed., Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Boston University
        BS, Public Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts

        My name is Jamie Bergstein and I am a New Jersey native who has called Boston my home since graduating from college. I fell in love with admissions while working as a tour guide and new student orientation counselor and later pursued my master’s degree in higher education administration at Boston University. I have worked in the admissions office at Harvard Kennedy School of Government and volunteer as an alumni admissions ambassador for UMass.

        At HKS, I worked with thousands of prospective students from around the world. These applicants range from recent college graduates to professionals with 20+ years of experience. Every day is a new and exciting challenge as I try to help them understand the characteristics and experiences HKS looks for in their applicants.

        In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, baking, reading, and running. I have run over 40 races across the Northeast including seven half marathons and two Boston Marathons.

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