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      1. Rebecca Slater

        Rebecca Slater

        MBA, Marketing/Market Research, University of Arizona
        BS, Marketing, University of Illinois

        I have 15+ years of experience in higher education; 12+ years in an admissions capacity. I am the Former Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions for the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Northwestern University. Prior, I was the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Transfer Admissions at Saint Xavier University. I also have higher education experience as a Business Instructor and Academic Advisor. I received my MBA from the University of Arizona and my BS from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

        I love being a part of the higher education experience and am honored to be an educational consultant. I am truly passionate about education! As an Assistant Director, I have worked with hundreds of students throughout the admissions process. Now as an educational consultant, I am excited about the opportunity to help students achieve admission to their dream schools. ?My dream is to help students fulfill their dreams!

        In my free time, I enjoy all things related to water from water sports to hanging out on the beach. ?I am also an avid sports fan; especially the Cubs, Blackhawks, and Patriots! Can you believe it, my Cubbies won the World Series!

        I look forward to working with you!

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