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      1. Graduate School Candidacy Building?

        You start writing your applications years before you actually apply to graduate school. The decisions you make early on will later impact your applications. When it’s time to apply, you can no longer change what your experiences are – you can only change how you frame them. This is why it is crucial to begin thinking strategically about your candidacy early. No matter where you are in college or your career, we will help you develop your academic interests, strategize your coursework and testing, engage in unique extracurricular activities, build leadership skills, and ultimately, position you to get into the best graduate schools possible.

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        Work 2-on-1 with a Former Admissions Officer and Graduate Coach on strategy

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        Work 2-on-1 with a Former Admissions Officer and Graduate Coach on strategy and implementation

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        Meetings with Graduate Coach from Top Graduate School Monthly Bi-Weekly
        Meetings with Former Admissions Officer from Top Graduate School Quarterly Quarterly
        Personal, Dedicated Progress Manager ? ?
        InGenius Google Group Email Support ? ?
        Course Selection and Examination Scheduling ? ?
        Resumé Creation ? ?
        Recommendation Guidance ? ?
        Career, Major, and Interest Exploration Strategy Strategy + Implementation
        Extracurricular Selection and Enhancement Strategy Strategy + Implementation
        Soft-Skill Development (leadership, time management, professionalism, etc) Strategy Strategy + Implementation
        School Break Planning Strategy Strategy + Implementation
        Cover Letter Editing 1 Cover Letter 3 Cover Letters
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