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      1. The Guaranteed Internship

        Looking for an internship? InGenius Prep has partnered with Fortune and Inc. 5000 companies, and fast-growing startups to provide our students with guaranteed internships. Through these hands-on opportunities, our students gain concrete work experience, professional skills, and exposure to a wide-range of innovative industries.

        Our Program

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        The Guaranteed Internship

        Intern with Inc. 5000 companies and fast-growing startups

        Get Started
        Evaluation Conduct an evaluation with our team to discuss professional interests, goals, and prior experience
        Selection Review company profiles and job descriptions, and choose from available internships
        Assessment Complete an assessment to indicate qualifications and skill level
        Placement Get placed for in-person or remote, 4+ week internships
        Preparation Receive internship details, company contacts, and professionalism training to ensure success
        Work Gain invaluable learning and professional experiences, moving one step closer to achieving your career and admissions goals
        *Opportunity to earn a letter of recommendation from your supervisor
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